quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2016

Vitória - Cancelada a Tourada a favor da Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro

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    1) Boxing is WRONG! 2 men beating each other senseless in a boxing ring is the Anglo whitey bread and butter!

    2) Fishing is WRONG! A fish getting caught in the throat by a barbed hook is deadly to the fish. It is the Anglo whitey bread and butter of Americana!

    3) UFC fighting in Octagon is WRONG!!!! 2 men beating and kicking the snot out of each other is cruel and dangerously deadly! Again, U.S. Anglo-whitey bread and butter!

    4) The U.S.A. should and MUST STOP invading and subverting sovereign countries at a whim!

    PLEASE STOP IN THE ANGLOSPHERE THESE 3 DEADLY ACTIVITIES! Ohhh wait a minute, let's point the finger at countries like Spain that have been culturally participating in bullfights since BEFORE the U.S.A. ever existed!

    Portugee, Bull fighting is a part o nossa culktura pa mais do 500 anos!